Our Silver Partners

Our Silver Partners

Introducing our Silver Partners

At Sci-Tech Daresbury, we believe in the power of collaboration, innovation, and technology to drive progress. Our monthly breakfast networking events are a testament to our commitment to fostering connections within the science and technology community. These events bring together thought leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs who share a common passion for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

None of this would be possible without the generous support of our Silver Partners. These forward-thinking companies are more than sponsors; they are strategic collaborators who share our vision of a brighter, more technologically advanced future. Their commitment to excellence and innovation is what makes our events and our campus thrive.

On this page, we proudly present our nine esteemed Silver Partners. Each partner brings its unique expertise, cutting-edge technology, and industry insights to the table. Below, you’ll find a glimpse of who they are and what they do.

Air Liquide

Air Liquide Is A World Leader In Gases, Technologies And Services For Industry, Academia, Research And Health

Air Liquide is present in 80 countries with 65,000 employees and serves more than 3 million customers and patients. Oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen are essential small molecules for life, matter and energy, they embody Air Liquide’s scientific territory and have been at the core of the company’s activities since its creation.

Appleyard Lees

Appleyard Lees are a leading Intellectual Property law firm with over fifty patent and trademark attorneys and litigators.

Who we are and what we do – but also, how we do it – makes us distinctive.

We help our clients protect and monetise their intellectual property, and manage post-grant challenges, should they arise.

We offer broad sector and industry knowledge, plus the ability to adapt our services to specific client requirements, in an agile way.

With offices in UK innovation hotspots, we are positioned to give clients expert strategic IP advice in the UK and worldwide.


Brabners is a purpose-led independent law firm with a national reach. Proudly anchored in the North, we play our part in demonstrating that business can bring about positive change by being innovative, diverse and sustainable.

A certified B Corp, our mission is to make the difference for the clients, people and communities we serve.

With a team of technology sector experts in areas ranging from intellectual property, commercial, corporate and employment law to regulatory and litigation, we deliver seamless legal services to a diverse spectrum of technology companies.

We truly understand how unique and complex the tech space is and the need to navigate it effectively. We provide the specialist, tailored advice you need to achieve your goals.


Ryan (formerly Catax) works with the tenants of Sci-Tech Daresbury to help understand the benefits of working with innovation experts in Research & Development (R&D), Patent Tax Relief and Innovation Grant Funding. Offering fully supported claims for up to 6 years.

Any business investing time and resources into innovative R&D in the UK can apply for and access UK/EU grant funding for future projects and claim R&D tax relief on their previous projects.

Through our team of grant writers and R&D technical experts, Catax offers a grant writing service – supporting you at every step of the way in the development, creation and submission of your grant.

Our grants services are complimented by our R&D experts who have helped thousands of companies claim.

Catax are endorsed by the Law Society (www.lawsociety.com) and the Institute of Chartered Accountants for England and Wales (www.icaew.com ).

Greenlight Computers

Formed in 2006, Greenlight Computers Ltd has established a specialist expertise in the IT support of life science and commercial companies across the UK. Their “single point of service” approach is ideal for partnering with clients subject to regular audits from regulatory bodies, big pharma clients and insurers.

Over the past few years, the role of IT support has moved away from physical fixing to the support of software applications, user permission management and complex data storage and backup needs. This growing complexity has seen some of our team develop into highly proficient software specialists with accredited skills focussing on Microsoft business tools and robust cyber security.

Honest Cat

Honest Cat Content Services are a journalist led copywriting agency, supplying copywriting and editing services, both online and print to businesses.

We have worked with many different businesses from all industries creating business words, marketing and PR strategies.

Honest Cat Content Services stands out from other copywriting agencies because we are all journalists. Meaning that we have the years, the professionalism and the qualifications to produce excellent business words. Journalists are taught to grab the readers’ attention within the first sentence. And we have the knowledge to mix creativity and science to create those business words.


In an ever-changing world, it is essential that you are correctly protected against the risks your business faces.

By working with Konsileo you can arrange bespoke insurance cover to reflect how your business operates, as their brokers will get to know your organisation and become your trusted risk advisors.

Contact their experts if you seek bespoke insurance solutions for the complex risks faced by businesses in the Healthcare, Life Science and Technology sectors.

With over 50 years of combined experience, they have the market knowledge and connections to help you achieve your corporate objectives by providing the right protection to meet your specific needs – such as for intellectual property rights defence, cyber exposures, clinical trials, or business interruption protection (including “R&D” expenditure and “advance profits” for new products).

Lancaster University

Whether a business, public sector body or community organisation, Lancaster University has the expertise, the facilities and the commitment to help shape and achieve your objectives. Creating win-win relationships at the local, regional, national and global levels is our goal.

The quality, reach and significance of research produced in Lancaster University’s vibrant research environment is world-leading and constantly evolving. No matter the size or nature of your business, talk to us about your research needs – we speak your language.

Lancaster University works with a number of public sector organisations including the NHS, the Environment Agency, the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, local authorities, Local Enterprise Partnerships, police authorities and GCHQ.

Lancaster University works with a range of community not-for-profit organisations to equip them with the skills or knowledge required to make a positive impact on society and people’s lives.

University of Manchester

Partner with the University of Manchester to accelerate business growth.

In a fast-paced landscape, businesses need a competitive edge to thrive. The University of Manchester is dedicated to supporting organisations, large and small, in achieving their goals.

We offer access to leading expertise, cutting-edge collaborative research, consultancy and facilities.

By tapping into our University’s research expertise, businesses can solve specific challenges and apply innovative solutions. Businesses can benefit from partnering with us in a number of ways, including collaborative research projects, knowledge exchange to help create new products, processes or services, PhD sponsorships, people exchange and long-term strategic partnerships.

We have one of the UKs largest Impact Accelerator Accounts to help fund collaborative projects with businesses of all sizes. Ranging from early-stage relationship exploration, to proof of concept & feasibility studies and people exchange – the ~£8M funding provides businesses with dedicated resources to tackle an innovative challenge or opportunity.