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Welcome to the new NetworkHub (formerly NewsHub). For security, you are required to create a new password. To get started, please follow the instructions below.

This process will only take a few minutes. Thank you and welcome back!


Password Reset Process

Please find below the process to reset and update your password:

  • Please enter your email address below (that you originally used to register with NewsHub)
  • Please click the ‘Get New Password’ button
  • You be sent an email with a hyperlink included prompting you to create your password
  • Please click and follow the hyperlink in the received email
  • A page on your web browser will open and you will be prompted to create a password (and re-enter for added security)
  • Please click the ‘Reset Password’ button
  • You will be sent a further email to confirm both your username and your NEW password
  • You will then be able to login to the new NetworkHub – http://networkhub.sci-techdaresbury.com/

NB: If you are new to NetworkHub, or have forgotten your registration email address, you will need to register here.


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