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Introducing John & Paul

John Leake and Paul Treloar have been involved in the development of Sci-Tech Daresbury from its very early days in 2005/6. Paul has a background in high-tech start-ups in the medtech field, whereas John joined from the technology corporate world of Unilever, ICI and Ineos.

They bring a wealth of experience of how to help support and accelerate the growth of technology companies through their “Sci-Tech Daresbury model” focused on 4 critical areas:

  • Access to market
  • Access to funding
  • Access to talent and skills
  • Access to technical facilities

During their time at Sci-Tech Daresbury, John & Paul have worked with over 350 technology companies with amazing results in terms of reduced business failure (only 5%) and accelerated sales growth (average 26% per annum).

John Leake

Business Development Manager

Paul Treloar

Business Support Manager

Networking tips for beginners

Professional networking isn’t just about swapping business cards or gathering a list of connections on LinkedIn, it should be a crucial part of your business strategy.

Being well-connected will give you an edge over your competition because you have an established relationship with them.

With this in mind, here are our top tips for great networking at our events:

Planning always pays dividends: Download the list of delegates and plan who you’d like to connect with on the day.

Small talk works: It helps you find the common ground.

Good networking is about great listening: Those who stand out are those who really listen.

Ask insightful questions: When you combine listening skills with insightful questions, people will take notice.

You’re not there to collect cards: You’re there to add value to people. Ask permission to give someone your business card, then ask for theirs in return.

The art of the follow-up: Do it promptly and keep your promises.

Out of sight, out of mind: You’ve taken the trouble to build that relationship, now sustain it.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint: Networking is a life-long commitment. Wherever you are in your career, whatever age, it will benefit you.