Nov 12

Post BBN Webinar – Managing Change for Greater Results


Managing Change for Greater Results

A highly interactive virtual workshop, hosted by Karl Morris: ActionCOACH – KRL Training Ltd 

The focus of the workshop will centre around the theme of change – something that the entire world has experienced across the last 18 months.

The workshop will look to understand how you personally view change and how you react to change and its effect on your mindset, your actions and ultimately your results – both in business and personal life.

Attendees will learn how to consider change as a driver and how best to use it to drive business strategy, including looking at:

  • Identifying the drivers of change
  • Having a ‘change positive’ mindset
  • Using The Formula for Change
  • Creating a strategy that is resilient to change
  • Driving performance through challenging times

Attendees will leave feeling better equipped to view change in a different more positive way and have access to tools to assist them.

The workshop is highly relevant for any level of employee and/or business owner who are involved in creating and driving business strategy, managing teams, and looking to use change as a driver for performance.