Dec 11

Post BBN webinar – An Introduction to the Industrial Digitalisation Accelerator


The event will showcase the creation of, and the work done by the Industrial Digitalisation Accelerator located at the Hartree Centre at Sci-Tech Daresbury. Created by 3 leading organisations in their respective fields – Siemens, The Hartree Centre and Atos, the IDA is designed to assist organisations, large and small, with their Digitalisation and Innovation strategies, from solutions-design through to digital education.

Presented by:

David Moss – Head of Digital Innovation – Siemens Technology UK  

Simeon Clow – Business Development Manager, Hartree Centre

With over 170 years of manufacturing experience, Siemens is a leader in manufacturing, energy systems, transport, healthcare and more, and is a Top 10 global software company; The Hartree Centre is the UK’s leading centre for Advanced Digital Technologies; Atos are a multi-billion Euro global consultancy and technology solutions provider. Together these partners are pooling their expertise to create digital solutions and education for their clients.

This session is open to organisations who are looking to take their first steps into the world of Industry 4.0, or indeed those organisations who have already have a digital strategy but are looking to advance it, or use additional external resource.