Jan 24

How to Build a Killer Brand!



Part 1: David Antrobus – Chairman, David Antrobus Marketing Ltd

Part 2: Phil Birss – Managing Director, Elephant Digital Ltd


  • Part 1: David Antrobus – The Value of a Brand’A strong and distinctive brand is the solid foundation for all powerful and effective marketing activity.A brand isn’t just a logo, it’s the personality of your business. The brand message, visuals and values work in harmony to engage and attract valuable business. A strong industry specific brand is one of the most valuable assets a company can have. It’s something to which all respond, consciously or unconsciously and no one is immune.The exposure of a well-managed brand plays an important part in a company’s success. A great brand can be compared to a bank note, it’s easily identified, represents a promise and has value.“A brand is a voice – a product is a souvenir” – Lisa Gansky 


    Part 2 : Phil Birss – ‘Stand Out & Be Remarkable’


    How do you create deep and meaningful connections with your customers? How do you build a brand that stands out from the crowd? Simply put, by being remarkable!


    In his talk, Phil explores three simple, but highly effective techniques for exploiting the hidden potential of your business or organisation. Searching for the hidden nugget in your marketing plan, Phil will demonstrate how to position your company in a new and exciting light, as well exploring innovative ways to attract and retain customers and make a name for yourself in your chosen market. This is one presentation not to be missed.