Jul 10

User Experience Masterclass hosted by Flint Studios

User Experience has a huge impact on your business, so make sure that interaction is a positive one. Learn everything you need to ensure your website is designed with the user’s needs and expected behaviours in mind.

Pete Hanlon, Head of UX Design and Director at Flint Studios, will present the User Experience Masterclass.

The masterclass will consist of:

  • Introduction
  • UX, what is it and why is it important?
  • How to leverage UX best practices to ensure the experience meets basic user needs
  • UX techniques & tools to give you a deeper understanding of website users
  • How to evaluate and refine your design to ensure a great user experience
  • Flint Studios’ recommendations on how to improve the UX of your website
  • Refreshments & light lunch

An exclusive website audit prepared by the team at Flint Studios, is available to all attendees. The audit will provide a detailed review of user experience, navigation, design, technology, and content.

This event is suitable for complete beginners & intermediates. No prior experience necessary in design or user experience.