Oct 22

EPSRC Workshop

Review of Engineering and Physical Sciences PhD training – virtual workshops in October for businesses employing staff with maths, ICT, chemistry, physics, manufacturing, energy PhDs now and in the future

EPSRC is carrying out a review in order to check that doctoral education enables the student to acquire the skills and knowledge needed for their careers, now and in the future. 2 workshops for businesses are being held:

14.00 -16.30 21 October 2020

10.00 -12.30 22 October 2020

They are open to any sized business organisation that has experience of or interest in engaging with Engineering and physical sciences (EPS) doctoral students or graduates. We include mathematical science, ICT, and applied areas of these disciplines such as manufacturing and energy research within EPS). This could be organisations in any sector:

  • that interact with or co-fund EPS doctoral students or are looking to in the future
  • that employ or are looking to employ EPS doctoral students

The agenda of the workshop will be as follows:

Session 1: 30 minutes – Introduction to the EPSRC Review of Doctoral Education Support

Session 2: 45 minutes – Discussion session on the value of doctoral education for employees

Session 3: 60 minutes – Discussion session on innovative ways of engaging with EPSRC doctoral students. This session will be considering novel ways that organisations could engage with doctoral students outside of EPSRC’s current models.

Session 4: 15 minutes – Closing Remarks