Mar 11

Post BBN event: Engaging with the Faculty of Science & Technology at Lancaster University


An introduction to the Faculty of Science and Technology at Lancaster University aimed at innovation-driven enterprises who want to work on leading-edge collaborations.

Presented by: 

Steve Fish – Director of FST

Neil Dullaway – Head of Partnerships Computing & Comms

Ruth Alcock – Head of Partnerships Environmental Sciences

Martin Gilmore – Head of Partnerships Physical Sciences

Glyn Jones – Partnership Manager Health Innovation

Lancaster is a top ten UK research-intensive university with leading facilities, laboratories and researchers with a long history of business engagement. The faculty has an interdisciplinary approach and particular strengths in:

  • Computing & Communications
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Engineering & Physical Sciences
  • Health Sciences

The University is increasingly being known for its capabilities around security and resilience and has extensive labs and facilities available for joint projects in areas such as:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Materials Science
  • Chemistry
  • Quantum
  • Maths and Stats
  • Eco-Innovation
  • Autonomous Systems