Nov 07

ebeam Technologies Seminar 2017

Hear from industry specialists about electron beam technology and its various applications and markets, including speakers from ebeam Technologies, Imperial College London and STFC.

  • Associated topics to be discussed on the day:
    • Curing of inks and coatings in the food packaging industry
    • Crosslinking of cables, foils, polymer films and membranes
    • Functionalisation of surfaces for advanced materials
    • Pre-processing of polymers for medical devices/implants
    • Decontamination of packaging for food, pharma, and medical devices
    • Decontamination of medical devices, implants, vials, bottles, containers
    • Inactivation of pathogens on food – ebeam in the food production cycle
  • There will be demonstrations provided of ebeam’s EBLab. The only EBLab in the UK is located at Daresbury Laboratory
  • Official opening of the EBEngine R&D Facility. A 3m x 4m radiation shielded area housing an ebeam EBEngine offering the flexibility to meet a broad range of material handling requirements.

The seminar is free to attend and includes lunch.