Arcis Biotechnology secures a 2.5 million investment

DATE 23rd February 2016


Peter Whitehurst, Chief Executive of Arcis Biotechnology, commented:

“It’s testament to the success of Arcis Biotechnology to date and our future pipeline of technology platforms and products that this latest funding round was oversubscribed by both existing and new investors. We’re extremely pleased that our lead investor, Calculus Capital EIS Fund, who has supported us since 2012, has increased its stake in the business, while also welcoming new investors onto our exciting journey.

“With strong research and commercialisation teams already in place and a great pipeline of products, we’re in a unique position to capitalise on both current and future market opportunities in the molecular diagnostics sector.‎ For one, we’re confident that our recently launched patent protected PCRdirect sample preparation product will transform the multi-billion dollar DNA preparation market.”

Led by former SSL International (now part of Reckitt Benckiser) executives Peter Whitehurst and Dr Jan Rogers, Arcis Biotechnology specialises in developing novel solutions for biotechnology applications across multiple sectors, including molecular diagnostics, forensics, agriculture and advanced hygiene.

The company’s latest breakthrough malaria diagnostics test adds to its portfolio of R&D-led innovations. Its revolutionary PCRdirect® system, for example, is an ultra-fast 2-step protocol for multi-compliant DNA sample preparation. The ready-to-use kit enables pre-analytical processing of a variety of DNA sample-types in three minutes, with no prior isolation / purification or requirement for complex lab instrumentation.

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